MesoAmerica provides solutions

Meso America's Project Management, field supervisors, and experienced installation teams are capable of performing complete Central Office buildouts or basic equipment installations throughout the United States. Technicians regularly participate in BICSI training and telecommunications equipment manufacturers' instructional programs.

MesoAmerica offers the following technical services:

Installation Services
  • Multi Tier Superstructure Installation
  • Iron Work, Cable Ladder, Stanchion Pipes, Hardware, etc.
  • Fiber Duct/Trough Installation
  • Rack, Bay, and Cabinet Installations
  • Power Plants and Battery Plants
  • Grounding
  • Power and Signal Cabling/Terminations
  • Equipment Installations
    • DCS, OC-3/12, OC-48, Echo Cancellers, DSX-1 and DSX-3, and more
Design & Engineering
  • Equipment Rooms and Central Offices
  • Site Surveys
  • Equipment Layouts and Floor Plans
  • Elevation and Section Drawings
  • Superstructure Requirements
  • Iron Work, Ladder Rack, Stanchion Pipes, Hardware, etc.
  • Fiber Duct Requirements and Routes
  • DC Power plants and Battery plants
  • Basic AC requirements, lights, outlets, etc.
  • Power, Signal, and Ground Cabling Schemes/Requirements
ISP Engineering:
  • Site Surveys
  • Equipment room locations and layouts
  • Raceway and Riser Routes
  • Basic AC/DC power requirements
  • Building Entrance Tie-ins
  • Rack Face/Equipment Elevations
  • Wire Running Lists/Assignments
OSP Engineering:
  • Underground and Aerial Backbones
  • Site Surveys:
    • Choosing Cable/Backbone Routes
    • Downtown Environments, Suburban, and Rural
    • Network Sub Loops
    • Building Laterals
    • Building Entrances
    • Manholes, Handholes, and Splice Locations

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