Installer III

To apply for this position, please send your resume to the address above or by email to: (be sure to attach your resume to the message)
Job ID #: MA003 Posting Date: 03/31/2002 Location(s): Chicago, IL, Minnesota
Employment Status:
High School or Equivalent
2-4 years (minimum)
Requirements Must be familiar with Central Office environments and engineering requirements. Detailed knowledge of telecom tools, equipment and installation standards. Good organizational and project management skills. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Ability to handle multiple projects. Personal computer literacy including email, basic spreadsheet, word processing and project management tools. At least two (2) years direct experience. Travel throughout the United States and working during off-hours, when necessary, is required. Other requirements include: resourcefulness, good organization, reliability and the ability to work independently.



The Lead Installer is responsible for creating schedule, Method of Procedure, material and tool lists for assigned installations. Assure that installation schedules, budgets, tests and quality requirements are met before the installations are turned over to the customers. The Lead Installer is the primary liaison for the Customer's Site Contact and the Meso deployment team. By providing a continuous on-site presence, the Lead Installer will be able to lead and supervise installation crews while performing installation tasks. Lead installer is also responsible for completing daily reports detailing the work accomplished, progress, delays and problems. Maintain clean and safe work environment while completing assigned task.
Tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Floor preparation
  • Installation of equipment racks
  • Installation of equipment shelves (DX-1, DSX-3, Fuse Panels, etc.)
  • Run and Lace Power and Ground Cables
  • Run and Lace Coax, ABAM and Fiber Cables
  • Termination of Power Cable
    1. Power Lugs
    2. “H” Taps
  • Termination of Signal Cables
    1. Wire-wrapping
    2. BNC’S
    3. Punch down
    4. Crimping
  • Label Power and Signal Cables, Shelves, Racks, Superstructure, etc.
  • Keep track of and minimize capital expenditures.